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About the Book

TRUTH – for most of us – is what we see, hear, smell, touch, or taste. It is what we call “reality.”

But there is a far greater body of Universal Truth, offered to us from above ourselves and beyond our immediate comprehension.

In this wonderful book, Truth through the Creator’s Prism, Father Zacharia, who serves a large congregation as pastor of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Arizona in Scottsdale, brings us many lessons in Universal Truth, translated into easily-understood parables – some appearing as light-hearted tales that might be told to a child, others mature and dense, eternal riddles that can be solved only by grown-up readers who, in the privacy of their inner knowing, dig deeply into their spiritual selves and reconcile the answers they find with the lives they live daily in “reality.”

This is a book to be read in small bites – one story at a time – each one pondered for the spiritual light that unfailingly emerges from any darkness carried within the story itself.

In the end, this is a book designed to help you grow in life, to enjoy that growth, and to revel in the magnificence that is you.

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