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Palm Sunday

By Fr. Zacharia  

Do You Know Him?


“John answered them, saying I baptize with water: but there stands one among you whom you know not.” John 1:26

John the Baptist was baptizing on the edge of the Jordan Riverand calling for repentance. But he was not happy because he noticed that most of the crowd had come there only by their curiosity. He was not only performing a religious obligation; but as a prophet, he was announcing about the new beginning. For a long time, he was waiting for the truth that we are now living today. God reveals in the flesh of humans.

The most desirable thing for a human is immortality. John the Baptist saw that was the day that those humans found their dream becoming a reality. He was cleansing hearts and souls of the people who came to him on that day. He was crying out, “I’m baptizing you with water; but amongst you there is one who you do not know.  He will baptize you with the flame of the Holy Spirit.” He is Jesus Christ. He is the humble Heavenly king who came to serve, to reconcile, to heal and to bring peace and love. Jesus came to be our friend, our brother and our father. He came to cleanse us by shedding his blood for our salvation.

For some of us, throughout the 2,000 years, He has still remained a stranger. We hear sermons, we read gospels, watch spiritual movies and sing hymns; but still some of us don’t know him.  He remains a stranger. Yes, there are people who realize it and begin to look for him.  They look for Him in every church, in every city, in every house. Jesus has told us, “I am in your heart.”  Your heart is the place that you should be looking. For example like the man who is searching for his glasses while they are sitting right on top of his head.

So Jesus Christ is here.  He is amongst us. Jesus Christ will walk with you to your home. He will never leave you even when the time comes for us to leave this Earth.

Here is a story that you might have heard in a different version.  In his prayer, a man was complaining that the Lord had left him during the most difficult time of his life.  The Lord said, “Let me show you the path of your life with the sands of your journey.” The man opened his eyes to see his own footsteps in the sand and right next to his footsteps was another set of footprints.  The Lord pointed out that the other footsteps are His, the Lord. Suddenly, the man realized there was a break in the double footsteps and pointed it out to the Lord. That being the hardest period of his life when he says the Lord was not with him. The Lord answered him, “The single line of footsteps was mine because I was carrying you at that difficult time.”

Jesus Christ is always with us.  The question is do we know him?  Do we give him a place in our heart?  Are we with him when he is with us?


Today is Palm Sunday. He came today to stay. He came to bring eternal happiness and comfort to all of us. You know what happened over 2,000 years ago exactly on this day?  The people were happily shouting Hallelujah, Hosanna welcoming him. However the same crowd who welcomed him that day only after three days were shouting, “Crucify.” Why?  It is because they did not really know him. We know him.

Brothers and sisters do not crucify him in your heart, denying the love and peace for each other; but resurrect and renew your love everyday.




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