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By Fr. Zacharia  


Everyone understands the Christmas message of the above statement. The translation is that Jesus Christ is born and this is very good news for you and me. Yes, it is very good news. We are not alone in the world. God is with us. We welcome this very important guest that humanity is waiting for a long time. This is the day to welcome guests to your home, to your heart, to reconcile, to forgive your enemies, and to pray for those who curse you. This is the day to perform good deeds, have mercy, do charitable acts and spread the love. During your hectic life, this is the day to stop and look around to make sure you make the time visit your family and friends. This is the day for big family gatherings.
We are one. There are no rich, there is no poor. There is no left, there is no right. There no wise or dumb. In other words, there is just Christians united with love and understanding. This is the Christmas miracle. Why not? Christmas is the day of miracles.
Here is a true story that I had once read in a newspaper:
On Christmas Eve, everyone was rushing to the church. A young man had decided to stay at home and there was no need to go to church. These are his words that changed his life. It was snowing and very cold. Like Chicago. He noticed the birds were freezing and falling off the tree branches into the snow. He had pity for them. He opened his window for the birds there were close by to fly into his home for warmth and security. But, as you can imagine, the birds didn’t realize he was trying to help them. He tried many different ways to attract them to come in, but it did not work. He thought that if he became a bird to speak their language, he would fly amongst them and bring them with him back into his home. While he was busy thinking like this, he heard church bells ringing in the distance, announcing Jesus Christ is miraculously born today. He realized at the moment exactly what Christmas is all about. Jesus did exactly what I wished for to save the birds; Jesus became man to save us. The he ran to the church to welcome baby Jesus!
God, as a human, visits us to invite us to paradise, to our home where there is brilliant light and welcoming warmth.

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