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Who has ears to hear, let him hear

By Fr. Zacharia  

“Who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Matthew 13:9

 What is the most important aspect of your Christian life? How have you lived? What have you learned?
Is there a truth or a religious concept that has made a difference in your life? Are we able to live what we believe or is faith only an idea?
Our life is like climbing the Alps Mountains . We start at the base, we grow, and we reach the top. Once on top, your descent is like going through darkness. Are we ready to face that other side, the darkness? Do we have enough courage? Are you going to be able to see Jesus at your death? Will you meet Jesus on your day of death with faith?
So many questions; and time is short. Most of our time passes without meaning. Other time is spent solving unimportant problems. Another portion of time is stolen by unnecessary actions. Time is gone and we are not ready to meet death. We have not found the essence of our life.
Life is too precious to live uncaringly or to consider our faith as a game. This way of thinking will not help us to face sadness, disappointment, hardship, and temptation. By the way, sometimes we need temptation and such to learn to overcome them. Only then through hard work, struggle and suffering, we can create beauty and truth. During temptation, Jesus enters our life and allows us to change ourselves. He fills our heart with love and readiness to sacrifice for that love.
Jesus, the God of love can change our life, change our point of view, our outlook, our values, etc. He helps us to find our place in the world. Jesus’ love helps us to re-establish and renew if we were to stumble in our lives. God’s help is divine. This is different than human help.
Here is a story:
The composer, Ludwig von Beethoven considered himself as an unfortunate man who thinks he lost his time during his life. Because of that, he became nervous and hopeless. We can all relate to that type of emotion. We all have problems and do not see the path to solve them. Especially, the way that God shows us. God can find something good even in evilness. He can bring out light from darkness. God wants to teach us to see the sunrise through nightfall, the darkness of life. He wants to teach us to see the bloom of a cactus through the thorns on the stems. God wants us to see through the planted seedling the giant future tree.
Back to Beethoven, he said to his friend, “No one understands me. No one is interested in me.” His friend suggested taking a walk through the night to change his mood. They walked together in the quiet darkness. As they were passing through a poor neighborhood, they heard piano music. Beethoven recognized his composition. They walked closer to the window and heard the conversation between a sister and brother. The sister, who was playing the piano, was regretting that she never had the chance to see a professional pianist playing this melody. Her brother was justifying to her that they were not able to afford such a thing. Beethoven knocked on the door and expressed that he had heard their conversation. “I am a musician. Will you let me play the piece on your piano?” They welcomed him inside and explained that the piano was not in good condition. Beethoven noticed there were no notes. He asked how she was playing such a long piece without notes. The young girl answered, “By memory.” When he looked at her, he realized she was blind. He was moved by her love and ambition of learning music.
As he sat at the piano, he noticed the moonlight sparkled on her eyes and shined on her face and he immediately began composing what we know today as the famous “Moonlight Sonata.” The brother & sister’s love of music changed Beethoven’s life with such a moving moment.
Beethoven was a brave man, who knew how to struggle and fight, to be God’s crusader. With those feelings, he was able to continue his work, even when he became deaf. He was fighting for his creativity, like Jesus teaches us. Beethoven began to hear his music with his heart. Like the blind girl was watching him with her heart. Our heart always knows what is truly important.
Beethoven heard God’s voice through the noise of the world. He found the meaning of his life. Now it is our turn to find the meaning of our life. Who has an ear, let him hear!

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